How To Increase Battery Life Of Laptop Asus?

One of the most common complaints Asus users have is that the battery of their laptop doesn’t last for a long time. The most obvious solution is to buy a new battery. However, in some cases, there’s a chance to increase the battery life without paying any money.

Battery Life Of Laptop

Sometimes the reason why the battery doesn’t hold on for long is not that it’s weak. Instead, it’s just not properly charged. In order to get it fully charged, you need to empty it completely. So, unplug the laptop from the charger and turn on the demanding programs if you want to accelerate the process. You can switch on the radio, increase the screen brightness, keep several programs running at once, etc. When the laptop shuts down, plug it into the charger and wait until the battery is fully charged.

According to the people from Asus tech support, completely charging the battery should give you some additional minutes. However, if you want to increase the battery life significantly, you will need to say goodbye to certain things:

Multitasking– if you want the battery to last longer, you must not keep several demanding programs opened at the same time.

Background apps– turn off the applications that work in the background, including your torrent client, Skype and similar communication apps, and so on.

Background apps

Don’t play video games– video games drain the battery more than other programs. It’s because they make the CPU work hard, but also the graphics card.

Don’t watch HD videos– this too will result in increased performance of the graphics card, which will need to consume the battery energy in order to work properly.

These are just a few tips on how to prolong the battery life of your Asus laptop. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact Asus support Australia.

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