How To Fix Asus Laptop Overheating Problem?

If your Asus laptop is overheating it can be a sign of something far more dangerous going on inside of it. That’s why it is necessary to contact Asus technical support as soon as you notice this issue. You will know that the situation is alarming if the overheating is causing your laptop to turn off on its own or restart.

laptop overheating

So, how can you fix Asus laptop heating problem? The easiest way is to call the Asus customer support number. The tech agents surely have what it takes to find the right cause of this problem. After that, they will explain you everything on how to fix this issue, as well as how to make sure it never happens again.

Common Causes of Asus Laptop Heating Problem

Causes of Laptop Heating

This problem can be caused by a number of things. In most cases, the problem is related to the hardware. The cooler is probably not doing its job very well, which causes the temperature of the laptop to rise. This is often caused by dust piled inside the ventilator. However, sometimes, the software is the culprit.

If you have several demanding programs running at the same time on your laptop, it will make the CPU work much harder. This will result in the temperature rise, which you might not be able to control. You might not even realize that several programs are running simultaneously, as some of them might be working in the background. The good news is that you can check it easily by following these steps:

  • Press CTRL+ALT+DEL on your keyboard
  • Open Task Manager
  • Click on the Applications tab
  • If there are many programs in the list, feel free to turn off those you don’t need
  • To turn them off, select the program and click on End Task

If you fail to stop certain programs for working all the time, it might be a sign that your computer is infected with viruses. Try to solve this problem by running an antivirus check. But, if it doesn’t bring results, your only solution is to ask Asus support for help.

Also follow these tips to stop your laptop from Overheating

  • Allow for Air Flow
  • Upgrade the CPU Fan
  • Install a Case Fan (or Two)
  • Stop Overclocking
  • Replace the Power Supply
  • Run Your PC With the Case Closed
  • Clean Your Computer
  • Move Your Computer

If You'r Not Able to Solve This Issue Then Call Your Nearest Asus Repair Centre


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